Lab Group

I direct the African Drylands Research Lab (ADRL). ADRL is meant to be a common place for graduate students interested in the intersection between critical social science approaches and perspectives and the study of environmental ‘problems’ broadly defined within African drylands. Our lab is comprised of undergraduate, Masters as well as PhD students working around the world.

The lab group meets on a bi-weekly basis to discuss term papers, thesis ideas, proposal and grant writing and others issues which are meant to be beneficial for all students.

Current Lab Group Members:

MS (Natural Resources and Environment)

  • Claire Poelking
  • Alexandra Clayton
  • Amanda Kaminsky

Lab Alumni


  • Baruani Mshale:
  • Jennifer Johnson: 


  • Cara Steger
  • Erin O’Brien
  • Bristol Mann
  • Michelle Fournier
  • Jenny Cooper
  • Meghan Cornwall
  • Brian Schaap
  • Katie O’Gara 


  • Jordan McHugh
  • Zachary Petroni
  • Syeda Zaynab Mahmood